My job as an advisor is to learn about your goals, ambitions, resources, and challenges; then to design a financial ‘roadmap’ to keep you on track to hit those goals in life, while having a contingency plan to protect against the unknown. While our conversations are focused on financial matters, I get to know my clients on a personal level to ensure the strategy we create together is in their best interest, and as their lives continue to change, we are proactive and flexible. I am a big believer in Financial Empowerment, and during our meeting process, I deliberately take an educational approach with my clients on their options so they understand the “why’s” and “how’s” behind recommendations.

My areas of advice include:
• Fee-Based Financial Planning
• Student Loan Management
• Retirement Strategies (Qualified vs. Non-Qualified)
• Roth IRAs
• Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting
• Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies*
• Investment Portfolio Analysis & Recommendations
• Disability & Life Insurance
• Wealth Accumulation & Distribution

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